Security Architect

Information security architects are responsible for maintaining the security of an organisation’s computer systems as well as designing, developing and reviewing security architectures that fit business requirements, mitigate risk and conform to security policies.


  • To identify and minimise security vulnerabilities in current architectures and reduce potential vulnerabilities that might be introduced by change
  • Responsible for ensuring that IT developments and activities are built to be secure, and comply with target architectures, strategies, policies, standards and best practices
  • Participate in solution architecture design; lead security efforts assisting with the integration and initial implementation of solutions
  • Establish a strategic security architecture vision, including standards and frameworks that are aligned with overall business strategy

Qualifications and Skillsets:

  • Experience of strategic information security planning
  • Experience in security analytics, sandboxing, threat intelligence, network and host-based intrusion prevention, vulnerability assessment (including app/web-layer interrogation), DDOS protection, security event and information management, host-based integrity checking, endpoint security, AV, DLP, PKI, mobile security and cloud security
  • Proven track record of security process and procedures and organisation / governance
  • Expert level knowledge of security principles and technologies