Security Assessments

Network Penetration Testing

The scope of the penetration testing is to provide an insight view of current cyber risks.

Our company will carry a range of tests in order to detect any threats as soon as possible, by emulation an approach that a potential attacker might take.

Internal Penetration Testing

More than 60% of attacks originate from within the company network.

  • We will simulate a real scenario where an attack is carried within the organizations network.
  • Provide an insight view of current internal threats and vulnerabilities and will implement a neutralization protocol without compromising the usability.
  • Full assessment of the internal security policies, patch management, and secure password enforcement.
External Penetration Testing

The scope of an External Penetration Test is to recognize, assess and rectify any security vulnerabilities that can compromise the organizations network or gain unauthorized access to an individual system.

  • Our team will carry the tests over the internet without jeopardizing the companies’ data.
  • A full assessment will be carried of any vulnerabilities found and a secure patching will be implemented.
  • At the end of the test, the results will be presented in a classified format, and the client will be informed of any further actions that need to be taken in order to improve the overall security of the network.
Wireless Penetration Testing
  • We will ensure your organization has a secure wireless implemented along your network preventing any unauthorized access.
  • Ensure a strong encryption algorithm
  • Detect and resolve any design flaws.
  • We will simulate a scenario where a potential attacker can carry over the companies’ wireless network.
Firewall Assessments
  • We will create a filtering design that your company can implement in order to redirect and block any unauthorized access.
  • Periodic firewall health checks.
VPN Assessment
  • Ensure a secure communication is implemented when a remote access is used.
  • Configure the VPN to block any unauthorised access or data phishing in order to minimize any threats.
  • We will also review the current set up on each machine in order to ensure that an end-to-end encryption is set up.

Social Engineering

Human factor is considered the weakest link in the security of an organization.

  • Our team will carry real scenarios where one or more employees will be contacted by various channels (impersonations/email/fake website) in order to obtain elevated access in the company’s network system.
  • We will design and enforce security policies in order to meet your company’s needs.